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Off Line Treasure Hunting - Digging Crystals at the Coleman Crystal ...
Locations featured on the show include the U Dig Fossil mine in Utah, the Peacock Opal mine in Nevada, and the Crater of Diamonds mine in Arkansas.

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    Small mine permits in Utah - Utah Geological Survey

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    AustinDiggers.Com - Pay Dig for Gems - Diamonds - GOLD ...
    Juniper Ridge Fire Opal Mine Dig for Fire Opals ! Named for its fiery colors, including yellows, oranges, and reds. Southern Oregon .

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    Alan Guisewite's Mineral Collection Images: Gemstones Page
    Jan 10, 2009. and among others, Ice Cream Opal. They only occur as various-sized nodules in the Brush-Wellman beryllium mine in western Utah.

    Places to Dig for Gems |
    Look for fire opals at the hundred year old Bonanza Opal Mine in Denio, Nevada. Utah has several free digging sites in state parks that are open to the public.

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    Treasure Hunting for Opals
    Bonanza Opal Mines have "finders' keepers" days where the general public is allowed to come in, pay a daily fee of less than $50 and . But hunting for opals is still good in all of the other places of the mines. . A94 Treasure Hunting In Utah .

    Utah Rockhounding - Locations - Beaver County
    The online source for Utah mineral and fossil collecting!

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    Pictures of Opal - Black, Fire, Boulder, Rough, Jelly, Crystal
    Precious opal is very rare and found in a limited number of locations worldwide. Most precious opal has been mined in Australia, secondary sources include: .

    Utah Rockhounding - Locations - Tooele County
    The online source for Utah mineral and fossil collecting!

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    Dig Your Own Minerals - Fee Digs and Mining
    Royal Rainbow Opal Mine - Unlike the other opal mines that are located in . U- Dig Fossils - This trilobite quarry is located near Antelope Springs, Utah just .

    Opal Hill Mine (DesertUSA)
    The Opal Hill Mine can be better described as a claim established on a hillside . New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Utah in the United States and into Mexico.

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    Welcome to the Bonanza Opal Mines
    A working opal mine, with information about digging for a fee.

    Opal Fluorite "Tiffany Stone" from SpiritRock Shop
    Opal Fluorite is a very rare stone of asthetic and colorful patterns. These come from . Brush Wellman beryllium mines area near Delta, Utah. This area is now .

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    Fee mining In North America
    These are fee mining sites that I have heard about or been to my self. If you have a site you . How to lease mining equipment . Nevada. Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine, Inc. . Website: Utah .

    Royal Peacock Opal Mine
    The Royal Peacock Mining Company in Northwest Nevada produces some of the world's finest fire opal.

  9. A Cripple goes digging for sunstone & black opal, weekend of 23 ...
    We rolled into the parking lot of the Royal Peacock Opal Mine at about 6pm . up U-DIG Fossils out in Delta, Utah Yup, it's Quite a ways from the sunstones and .

    News - Published on: 10/10/2011 11:58 AM

    How to Make a Living Digging for Black Opals in Nevada |
    You must pay to dig in the main opal mines, but there are also opal rich areas . Also known as The Silver State, Nevada borders California, Utah, Arizona, .

    Oil, Gas, and Mining in Utah
    Oil, Gas, and Mining in Utah. John Baza, Director. Utah Division of. Oil, Gas and Mining. Energy Working Group. September 21,. September 21, 2010 .

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    Drum Mountain Range, Millard County, Utah - GRE, Inc. Gold Rush ...
    Apr 21, 2009 . Sebastians Opal Mining Lightning Ridge 1st halfby blackopaldirect3,844 views · Death Canyon, Tooele County, Utah - Gold Rush Expeditions, .

    Delta, Utah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Location of Delta, Utah . Delta is a city in Millard County, Utah, United States. . Brush Wellman is a mine and refining plant located at one of the few sources of . and rocks that are prevalent near Delta include obsidian, opal, and geodes.,_Utah

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    Utah Rockhounding - Resources - Articles - Maynard Bixby
    Maynard then traveled the country for a while, becoming involved in mining in . and occurrences in Utah" (1895), "Idaho opals" (1894), "Montana sapphires" .

    Rock collectings sites - free and fee
    Oceanview Mine: Pegmatite minerals including; Tourmaline in pink, green, bi- colored and . Bonanza Opal Mine: Opal; Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine: Opal . UTAH. Manti-La Sal National Forest: Birdseye marble; U-DIG Fossils: Fossils, Trilobites .

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    Utah Mineral and Fossil Inc. (UMF), formerly T.R. Gem and Minerals, has been . We have mined topaz, red beryl, bixbyite, and many other unique mineral . minerals found in the area: Quartz, Hematite, Fluorite, Ilmanite, Hyalite Opal.

    DVD's - Wiita Mining and Exploration
    We did a fantastic fossil show in Utah, and Arizona. Here I am at U-DIG FOSSILS in Delta, Utah. geodedude021.jpg. The Opal Hill Mine show on fire agate is full .

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    ES 351 Webpage
    The state of Utah alone has an estimated 20,000 “mine openings” (Abandoned . Opal Group,L.L.C., Accessed at

    Rock Hunting - Black Opals in Virgin Valley -
    Some mines are open to the public and rock & treasure hunting is very popular. Did you know that Nevada is well-known for its Opal mines? Virgin Valley .

  14. School history and team records unveiled

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    Rockhounding Utah - William A. Kappele - Google Books
    I picked up this book because it had more information on sites in southern Utah such as Leeds and Hurricane which I found very interesting. There are several .

    Gemstones |
    Pictures of Opal: See the difference between precious opal and common opal. . US Diamond Mines: Will a mine in WY or CO break our gem diamond import .

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    Where Can You Dig for Semiprecious Stones? |
    The opal mines tend to charge higher fees than those for other semiprecious stones. . Topaz Mountain, in Juab County, Utah, is said to be a great location to .

    Utah Turquoise and Variscite Mines
    Utah Variscite and Turquoise Mine List, History and Information. . use Utah Variscite in inlay jewelry as the mint green color accents Sugilite and Opal very well.

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    Gem Mines
    Find gem and fossil mines from around the United States and Canada. Explore and mine for precious gems including sapphires, opals, rubies, and even . UTAH U-Dig Fossils 350 E. 300 S. Delta, UT 84624. Ph. (435) 864-3638; Fax ( 435) .

    Press - Out of Our Mines
    Out of Our Mines. Index · AboutUs · Carvings · Beads .

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    Nevada - Treasure Hunting Wiki
    I'd be interested in hearing from someone who's been to the Peacock mine, or other black opal mines in northern Nevada. The program Best .

    Copper Mine blasting - YouTube
    Sep 3, 2011 . Opal Mining - Jundah-Opalville, Australiaby OpalMindedAustralia664 views; Kennecott Utah Copper - Bingham Canyon mine 0:33 .

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    The MaxPreps Team Wall is unveiledhow to start restaurant placemat business

    Bright Star Gemstones: Tucson 2012: "Survivor" Meets "Treasure Hunt"
    Mar 10, 2012. that I overlooked last year are the Utah Lace Opal and Atlantasite. . Aspen Rock and Gem are both the direct miners and distributors.

  19. Gallery: opal mines in utah @ Dowling

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    Little Joe Opal Mine Topography, Elevation, Lat, Long, Maps & More ...
    Little Joe Opal Mine, a mine located in Humboldt County, Nevada. . Topo maps, latitude and longitude coordinates, and address for Little Joe Opal Mine.

    Mar 3, 2010 . --The Boss Mine past and present . Finding the Idaho garnets and the opals from Milford Utah, attending the S.C.R.I.B.E. annual meeting and .

  20. BIOGRAPHY: Don Maguire; Ogden, Weber co., Utah Transcribed by ...
    Subsequently he discovered the jet mines of Utah; opened the Chloruthalite and Sabalite gem mines southwest of Salt Lake City; also discovered the opal fields .

    News - Published on: 5/3/2010 12:00 AM

    GemWorld's Links to other sites
    Chalk Mines Scotia, Nebraska Explore the singular beauty of the North Loup River Valley as you climb to the top of . Color Country Utah . Idaho Opal Mines .

    Finding Geodes and Black Fire Opals Near Blythe California ...
    Jun 16, 2011 . More. New Mexico · Utah · Home · Travel · SW . another rock site can be found. This is the Opal Hill Mine which is a privately owned mine.